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Advanced Campaign Analysis
At Influencer, we offer some of the most advanced campaign analysis possible. Through our approach, we scrutinise every campaign metric available, but also look beyond social. We analyse audience wants, needs, and preferences and the wider impact of campaign content.

We receive first party data from creators, combined with insights from official APIs to measure the impact of our campaigns and power our creator recommendations.

Our Proprietary

Impact Rate

Our in-house impact score shows clients the value that a piece of content and a campaign has delivered.

Our impact score is the sum of all engagements, each weighted by their own value; a value ascertained by looking back over years of campaign insights.

It’s designed to take into account the value of a viewer’s engagement with our campaign content, rather than merely showing the volume of that engagement or placing increased importance on vanity metrics.

Strategies Based

On Insights

By analysing a wide set of brand and creator insights - including posts, comments, and imagery - we can build an understanding of the psychological needs, desires, and drivers of creators, their audience, and our client’s brands.

Post-campaign analysis allows us to refine creator recommendations, matching those brands and creators who have a similar audience type, and adjust our campaign’s creative approach to one that will appeal to this audience.



Thematic comment analysis enables us to deep dive into specific actions generated by a campaign and to ascertain more complex consumer feelings around brand perception, product usage, and pricing sensitivity, and determine the impact of content on such things as purchasing intent.

We provide clients with in-depth brand uplift and content analysis studies, highlighting the true impact our content has had on specific audiences.