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Solving the Measurement Complexities of Influencer Marketing

Unraveling the complexities of influencer campaign metrics can be daunting. Every creator, every platform, brings a labyrinth of differing data points that could blur your campaign's true impact.

It's a game of sifting through granular data, reconciling disparate datasets, grappling with inconsistent definitions, discerning meaningful metrics from noise, and gleaning actionable insights from a flood of figures. And above all, we have to shift focus from traditional metrics of likes and comments to genuine campaign impact and critical business KPIs.

At Influencer, we bring you clarity amid the confusion. Our specially designed tools and capabilities demystify influencer campaign measurement, enabling you to witness the true impact of your marketing efforts.

Addressing the challenges of measurement

We know that there are many challenges when it comes to measuring your influencer marketing campaigns. Working with different creators across different platforms can create a maze of competing metrics which prevent you from understanding the true impact of your campaign. Issues include:

  • Obtaining accurate and granular campaign data
  • Combining and comparing disparate datasets
  • Overcoming inconsistencies in metric definitions
  • Identifying which metrics matter and which ones are noise
  • Generating actionable insightsnfrom a deluge of data
  • Lack of focuscon campaign impact and business KPIs

At Influencer, we have developed a range of tools and capabilities which simplify the process of measuring creator campaigns, and enable us to prove the impact of your influencer marketing activity.

Measuring Success: The Influencer Way

In our approach to measuring your campaigns, three key pillars stand tall: Delivery, Reaction, and Effectiveness. This trio guides the way to successful, impactful influencer marketing.


Think of these metrics as the bedrock of your campaign. While not the whole picture, they're crucial in sketching campaign performance. We sift through the fluff to spotlight metrics that count, offering context through benchmarks and comparisons. This process uncovers the initial insights, painting the first strokes of your campaign's performance.

How we measure

Audience, impressions, views, engagement


Audience response can offer a treasure trove of insights, deciphering campaign performance and guiding future strategies. It's not just about tallying reactions but drilling into the influence of messaging, brand posture, product connections, and content resonance. It's about tracking the ripple effects of your campaign.

How we measure

Audience sentiment, thematic topic analysis, audience outcomes (emotion, memory)

campaign Effectiveness

We're about results that impact your bottom line. Teaming up with both rising and established agencies, we employ innovative methods to gauge tangible business outcomes. Our goal? To highlight the power of influencer marketing in propelling pivotal business metrics.

How we measure

Brand metrics (Awareness, Consideration, Intent, etc.), sales impact, ROI


Live Campaign Monitoring and real-time reporting

Our Waves Brands platform offers direct access to real-time, first-party campaign data and insights, sourced straight from our partner APIs. This lets brands keep an eye on their campaigns and generate reports whenever and wherever they need.

Comprehensive Post-Campaign Examination and Counsel

Delve beyond the surface to fully grasp your campaign performance with post-campaign analysis metrics. Our team will also use these findings to offer strategic guidance for your future campaigns.

Sentiment and Thematic Evaluation

Performance numbers only reveal part of the story. With our sentiment and thematic analysis services, brands can tap into qualitative consumer insights, helping to comprehend why a campaign performed the way it did.

Brand lift studies

Dive deeper and dissect the figures to fully comprehend your campaign's performance with our post-campaign analysis metrics. It's more than a retrospective look; we provide insightful recommendations for future campaigns, built on the foundation of these findings, guiding you towards sustained success.

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