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At Influencer, we embrace the creative explosion in this fast-paced industry, guiding a global network of creators to soar beyond their boundaries. Spanning diverse niches — from beauty and sports to gaming and gastronomy — our vibrant creator network bubbles with active, engaged audiences.

Every campaign is a partnership tailor-made for success, aligning creators and brands for mutual wins. We don't just match creators with brands; we ignite transformative collaborations.

Creator Testimonials

Luke Vernon
luke vernon
"Influencer have been amazing! Without them I couldn’t of worked with such HUGE BRANDS! The communication between talent and client is 10 out of 10! Love them!"
Amelia Taylor
Amelia Taylor
"we’ve had the pleasure of working with the influencer team for over 4 years now and everyone is always so friendly, professional and incredible to work with! We love the fact they give us flexibility and work with us in a collaborative way"
Matthew and Ryan
Matthew and Ryan
"Working with Influencer has allowed me to turn my part time PASSION into a full time job! I never thought I would be able to make a living being a creator but with Influencer's constant support and stream of top level campaigns coming through my dream has become a reality"
Brandon Baum
Brandon Baum
12M+ Followers
Special Effects
"It is always a pleasure to collaborate with the entire Influencer team, whose professionalism and determination to make things a success is something I really appreciate. They managed to perfectly match my profile with campaigns in line with my passions!"
Oli Paterson

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