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“I have been working with Influencer on ASOS, and it is a joy working with them! They are super responsive, pay great attention to detail, very efficient and deliver stellar work. It’s no wonder ASOS have already renewed (and scaled) their partnership twice! And it helps that they're so nice as well!”

“It's been an absolute pleasure to work with this incredible team. They have provided immense support over the past months on 3 different markets across multiple product categories. Their kindness, proactiveness and professionalism have resulted into great campaign results.”

“It's been an absolute pleasure to work with Influencer and your incredible team. You all provided immense support over the Castillo de Ibiza campaign, offering invaluable advice and support as we worked on the product launch...... that exceeded both our agreed KPIs and expectations.”

“Influencer played an important role in the marketing strategy that led to the successful launch of ITV's new streaming platform, ITVX. The team were passionate, knowledgeable and efficient ensuring that we were able to deliver the best campaign possible.”

Our Approach


Where Creativity Meets Data, Magic Happens

Imagine the boldness of creativity fuelled by the precision of analytics, guided by your brand’s unique purpose — that's the Influencer way. We design impactful campaigns that captivate attention, inspire action, and boost CTR, views, and conversions. Bringing your bespoke creative strategy to life for game-changing commercial performance.


Agility, trust and effectiveness

We’re rewriting the narrative of influencer marketing by uniting your brand with passionate creators who align with your purpose. As trusted partners and guardians of your brand we build and execute campaigns across every timeline, scope and requirement.


Transforming Data into Growth

At Influencer, we don't just reference data — we bring it to life. Our Influencer Marketing Platform and Impact Studio help us transform data into actionable strategies, morphing followers into dedicated customers. We work with you to determine which KPI's matter most and refocus your efforts there.

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Our Team

Meet the powerhouse of Influencer: a dynamic team of dreamers, makers, and game changers, reshaping the future of marketing. With a collective passion and unique expertise, our people turn data into action, creativity into impact, and new ideas into new realities.

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