Magical outcomes for Coca cola


Influencer partnered with Coca-Cola to generate global buzz around Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. Our mission was to help the soft drink behemoth capitalise on their TV-marketing campaign starring Gigi Hadid by inspiring creators around the world to post content all on the same day, making this our most extensive global campaign to date! Were we excited? You bet. With the theme for the campaign focused around the "Recipe for Magic” over 120 creators across the globe went all out to create over 300 pieces of content with their take on magic, from a family Sunday lunch to a friends' hangout on Friday night. Our biggest challenge but also our biggest achievement was executing at a global scale across all five continents but this diversity led to a rich palette of global content that created a tidal wave of engagement for Coca-Cola across the seven seas.

Pieces of content
172 million
+50 million
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