Shark FlexStyle

Shark Ninja

For two months this summer, Influencer was tasked with the end to end campaign execution of our fifth Influencer activation with Shark Ninja, driving awareness and increasing purchase intent of Shark FlexStyle, cementing it as the number 1 hot air tool on the market, across TikTok and Instagram. The strategy content was focused around multiple summer themed activation themes which included holiday hair hacks, festival hair routines and ways to beat the frizz. The campaign was also supported by Shark’s sponsorship of Love Island. Over the two month of the campaign running, every element of the content over achieved to unprecedented levels. Across the 79 pieces content over 36K saves were generated which is unparalleled to any previous Shark campaign and Influencer campaigns of this size in general. The scale of these saves shows a strong intent for the audience to revisit the content on a continued basis keeping Shark FlexStyle front of mind and future purchases inevitable.

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