Costa ready to drink range

Costa Coffee

We were tasked with creating awareness of Costa’s new ready to drink range with an out of the box creative and our biggest budget to date. This campaign was highly focused on paid media assets and a first-for-brand YouTube Shorts trial. We gave creators on the campaign the task of celebrating the Ready to Drink range; matching their smooth drink quality by showcasing their talent in the smoothest and slickest way possible. To achieve that, we invited creators with special skills (video-editing, dancing, ice skating) to produce a smooth transition while having a Costa coffee. In line with this campaign we ran a Nielsen report to assess intent to purchase ready-to-drink coffee cans from Costa and the results were staggering! - Awareness of Costa was maintained at 3 in 5 when asked to name ready-to-drink coffee brands unprompted - Those exposed to the content had a 81% more favourable view of Costa’s ready-to-drink coffee range - Of those exposed and had purchased Costa within the last 2 months, nearly 9 in 10 were likely to recommend Costa’s ready-to-drink coffee - 10% uplift in intent to buy amongst 25-35s, who may find on the go drinks more appealing to fit their busier lifestyles.

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