Why Are Values So Important In Influencer Marketing In 2021?

Megan Horsnell
Megan Horsnell
January 21, 2021
Content creators are masters in forging human connections between brands and their audience, and values are the glue that holds...

Content creators are masters in forging human connections between brands and their audience, and values are the glue that holds that relationship together. Without aligned values between the consumer and the brand, there is very little point in connecting the two. That’s why we here at Influencer are committed to help build these meaningful relationships, based upon an alliance of values.

In 2021, it is now more important than ever that creator and brand partnerships are relevant and resonate with the consumer. There is no room for inauthentic ads in 2021, and this means that partnerships must focus on finding a genuine creator and brand connection that is based on shared values.

Why Are Values Central To Influencer Marketing?

Strong Values Build Trust

Values have always been important within the influencer marketing space, as creators who don’t have strong values often fall by the wayside pretty quickly.

The recipe for building an engaged audience is simple: be transparent and have strong values. This allows an audience to get to know and trust a creator, which plays a huge role in how engaging and influential their content will really be. Our most recent report, Unsocial Media: Embracing Unsocial Metrics, The New Way To Win At Influencer Marketing, really hones in on the importance of this, by noting that 37% of consumers value greater authenticity in recent content they’ve seen online.

Values Build Consistency

Values allow a creator to build up a level of expectation with their work; where values are strong, both consumers and brands can expect consistency in the kind of content a creator puts out into the world. This kind of consistency is crucial in forming long term partnerships that both parties should strive for.

They Help Ensure Brand Partnerships Make Sense

An audience can identify an inauthentic creator and brand partnership in seconds, so it’s best not to try to fool anyone. For an influencer marketing partnership to be a successful one, it is essential that a creator and brand’s values align perfectly. As well as this, the partnership has to suit the audiences' expectations, or both a brand and a creator can very quickly lose authenticity.

How Can Brands Ensure That They Work With Creators With Strong Values?

Understand Your Own Brand Values

The starting point should always be thinking about what your own brand values are. You want to attract the kind of creators that align with your values, so understanding what they are is crucial.

It is also important for brands to think about their audience, and what kind of creator partnerships and content they would want to see. You should ask yourself: Does the content you’re proposing suit your audience's needs?

Undertake Research Into The Creator’s Values

It’s important to look into the creator’s values using key data metrics and audience insights. Understanding what they stand for and what they promote will help you uncover whether they will be the perfect match to your brand. This is also a good time to investigate any past campaigns and see how they put their values into action.

You can learn more about the importance of data transparency in an article on our website.

Understand The Creator’s Audience

When considering which creator to work with, it is important not to forget the alignment to the creator’s audience and wider community. The goal of a campaign should be to find the sweet spot where brand, creator and audience values all align. If you achieve this, you’ll be on your way to producing great content that truly and effectively resonates with the creator’s audience.

Hot Tip: Use Approval Tiers

Approval tiers are a super easy way to ensure that brand values align with creator values, and that the content produced meets audience expectations. This system also gives brands a way to check content before it goes live; this is great for both the brand and the creator, as they benefit from a thorough checking process that will eliminate any errors and highlight any content that does not meet the requirements originally laid out.

If you need a little more help in finding the perfect creator for your brand, and ensuring you build and foster meaningful relationships that last a lifetime, head over to our website now to get in touch with our team!

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Why Are Values So Important In Influencer Marketing In 2021?

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