What Are Approval Tiers And Why Are They Important To Influencer Marketing?

Megan Horsnell
Dec 9, 2020

The quality of creator content has been an issue in the influencer marketing industry since its inception, with advertisers sometimes struggling to work with creators to produce content of the standard needed for their marketing campaigns. This problem has meant that brands haven’t been able to utilise the real talent on the market, and have instead wasted time and money on creators who weren’t suited to their project.

Many brands have had budgets held back and campaigns cancelled or cut short because the quality hasn’t hit the mark, so the introduction of approval tiers aims to prevent this entirely; a layered system, which ensures content is thoroughly reviewed in line with campaign requirements, means brands can rest easy.

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What Do Approval Tiers Do?

Put simply, the idea of approval tiers is that it gives brands a way to check content before it goes live. This is great for both the brand and the creator, as they will benefit from a clear and thorough checking process that will eliminate any errors and highlight any content that does not meet your requirements.

For brands and creators alike, there is nothing worse than seeing a simple mistake on a post - like a spelling error, off-brand language being used or the incorrect use of #AD. Approval tiers help to manage this risk and ensure that both creators and the content they produce meet the highest levels of quality.

However, brands and creators are expected to have their own approval tiers put in place. Because of this, advertisers are discussing the possibility of an app or platform that would allow them to automate the approval tier process and scale it up for a larger pool of campaigns. Such a platform would then enable brands to specify different levels of approval and how complex the approval is, based on their needs; a process that will be extremely flexible.

What Are Approval Tiers Checking For?

Approval tiers might can check a number of things, some examples being:

- Whether the content is high enough quality;

- Whether the content is on brand;

- Whether the content meets the brief requirements;

- Checking for any obscene language;

- Checking content for offensive references;

- Ensuring that an ad is declared when it’s an ad; and

- Generic checks like spelling and grammar

Who Are Approval Tiers For?

Approval tiers are a great system for everyone working in the influencer marketing field, but they are especially useful for:

- Any brands wanting to add layers of content approval as opposed to one sign off;

- Creators who want to ensure that they protect their content from scrutiny, and offer the best service;

- Influencer marketing agencies who want to run multiple campaigns and manage approval at all levels; and

- Larger companies who have multiple stakeholders who need to sign off on a campaign.

Dealing with content approval can be tricky territory - it’s one of the least exciting parts of a campaign - but it is vital.

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