Influencer launches Waves: a new end-to-end influencer marketing platform providing data transparency

Ben Jeffries
Apr 13, 2021

Influencer has today announced the launch of their new technology platform, Waves. Waves by Influencer offers brands and agencies full end-to-end data transparency around their influencer marketing campaigns, achieved through real-time campaign data and insights, dynamic creator tracking, approval functionality and proof of success.

Influencer has expanded their award-winning technology offering, developing Waves to solve issues understood through extensive workshopping with key brand and agency partners.

Research undertaken by Influencer found that data transparency in influencer marketing was a key pain point for advertisers. The Waves platform will combat this, increasing trust in the wider influencer marketing industry.

Waves by Influencer will initially focus on offering brands and agencies three key functionalities with further updates in the final stages of development. Waves by Influencer will offer total data transparency to brands and agencies with an Insights Dashboard displaying clear data and measurement on both creator performance and dynamic creator tracking.

Advertisers will be provided with a 360 degree understanding of the content that is being produced and shared, and how each individual creator is performing. Advertisers will be able to analyse creator content in huge detail, assessing everything from captions to deep engagement insights. The real-time metrics provided, including reach, video views, engagement and impact rate, will enable clients to assess the campaign’s ongoing performance and ensure that campaign targets are on course to being achieved, providing brands and agencies with a full understanding of the campaign value.

Users will also be able to download all data for further analysis. Moreover, Waves’ dashboards will allow agency partners to manage their complete brand portfolio, with a full understanding of the realtime success of each brand campaign. Agencies will even be able to directly compare campaign data and metrics across their brands.

As educators within the influencer marketing industry, Waves by Influencer offers brands and agencies a detailed understanding of metrics across all the main social media platforms, allowing for even more detailed campaign analysis.

Influencer’s VP of Product Rafael Franco commented: “At Influencer, our mission is to build meaningful relationships between brands and creators. Waves by Influencer sees us continuing to achieve that mission by equipping our clients with an easy to use, fully data transparent, end-to-end campaign management platform that will provide them with a clear understanding of their ROI. I’m thrilled with this release, and the other exciting projects we are currently working on, and I’m sure 2021 will be a pivotal year for our product offering”.

Influencer has already announced further updates to Waves, which are currently in the final stages of development. These will include a dynamic creator and content approval process, as well as multilingual options for clients globally.

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