Influencer expands collaboration technology to power brand performance across campaign lifecycle

Ben Jeffries
May 5, 2021

Waves by Influencer ensures brand safety through full creator and content approval.

Influencer, a global leader in influencer marketing, has today announced further updates to their new technology platform, Waves. Waves by Influencer offers brands and agencies full end-to-end data transparency around their influencer marketing campaigns, achieved through real-time campaign data and insights, dynamic creator tracking, approval functionality and proof of success.

In this latest round of updates to their technology offering, Influencer is offering clients full creator and content approval. This comes after a commitment by the company to offer clients complete data transparency and a clear understanding of the ROI of their campaigns. Influencer’s new creator and content approval processes provide clients with a full understanding of the decision process while ensuring the highest levels of brand safety.

The Waves platform provides clients with an opt-in network of content creators, vetted for community quality and content creation abilities. Waves’ creator approval process provides clients with a board that allows key stakeholders to move creators to different stages of the approval process; allowing for collaborative feedback between all stakeholders to improve productivity. At the first stage, clients will be provided a list of creators based on the KPIs the client is looking to achieve. Clients are able to access key metrics in order to advise their decisions, including deep metrics showing creators’ audience demographics and examples of previous content.

Influencer’s content approval process has been developed to ensure maximum levels of brand safety. Similarly to the creator approval process, clients will be able to review content that has already been rigorously checked and approved by Influencer’s expert in-house campaigns team. Content must then be signed off by the brand, or agency if relevant. The Waves platform supports all content formats including; video, vertical and longer-form content.

Most interestingly for agency clients, Influencer’s technology will allow them to also include their brand clients in the process, streamlining the formation of influencer marketing campaigns by bringing all stakeholders to one single place, where the project can be worked on collaboratively in real time.

Influencer initially announced the launch of Waves, an expansion on their already award-winning technology offering, earlier this month. Waves was developed to solve issues faced by agencies and brands, understood through extensive workshopping with key partners. The research undertaken by Influencer found that data transparency in influencer marketing was a key pain point for advertisers. The Waves platform will combat this, increasing trust in the wider influencer marketing industry.

Influencer’s VP of product Rafael Franco commented: “At Influencer, we are constantly developing our technology based on the needs of our clients. We knew from extensive client workshopping that the creator and content approval process was an issue for many in the industry, with many global advertisers relying on spreadsheets, which lack any audit trail or dynamic approval tracking. Waves has been designed to combat that. I am incredibly proud of what the team has built and of the amazing response we’ve had from clients so far. The best is yet to come!”

Influencer’s client director Tom Cooper-Smith also added: “One of our key company values at Influencer is what we term ‘Client Obsession’. That is to say that we are passionate about building strong, long-lasting client relationships where we start with the customer and work backwards. Our customers make us think about how we work, what products we build and how we can continually improve. The addition of creator and content approval to Waves is no better example of this company value as the idea was borne out of detailed feedback from some of our closest clients and collaborated on together during development. These new features will step-change both the quality and speed of campaign delivery for our clients which I am hugely excited by."