How To Utilise IGTV To Grow Your Brand

Megan Horsnell
Feb 3, 2021

As consumers retain 95% of video content versus 10% of written content, video has become a brand’s most useful and powerful marketing tool. It offers a way for you to connect with your audience, grow your brand and make an impact on those who follow you.

With the right strategies in place, IGTV can be a perfect platform for your video content. You have the option to publish videos on IGTV that are up to an hour long and can be used to inform, captivate and convert viewers into loyal followers and brand advocates.

With 43% of consumers wanting more video content from brands, take a look at some of these ideas that will help kickstart your brand’s IGTV journey:

Tutorials on how to use your products

Tutorials offer an amazing way for consumers to get a feel for your product or service. With an IGTV video, you can offer your audience exclusive content that shows them how a product should be used. Not only is this great in terms of getting your product in front of potential consumers, it is useful in encouraging immediate purchasing decisions.

Exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ videos

Exclusive content that tells your brand’s story is helpful when wanting to connect with your audience in a super personable and authentic way. Unlike other formats, IGTV videos aren’t expected to be super polished, and a 'behind the scenes' video can make your brand feel more likeable and relatable.

Offering a recurring video each week

One way to effectively retain an audience is to offer recurring videos that people will tune into every week. For example, your brand might want to offer a news round up, a weekly workout video or a seasonal clothes or beauty haul.

Whatever kind of recurring content you think would work for your brand, it’s worth running a poll to gauge interest before you create this type of content, to ensure that you’re serving your audience with the content they like and want.

Self-care/self-help guides that link to your brand

At the moment, some of the best performing video content is based on the topic of self care and self help. IGTV opens up a forum to discuss this extremely important matter at a deeper level, and offers a fantastic opportunity to engage with your audience in a way that feels super personable.

Thinking of creative ways to weave your brand message into self help content is a great way to keep people engaged and show that your brand stands for something more during these difficult times.

Interviews and Q&As with your team

When consumers love a brand, they also like to know who's behind it. A great option for brands looking for IGTV ideas is to conduct interviews and Q&As with your team, sharing the ethos of the brand and putting a face to a name. You may choose to run a series, a takeover, or even just an exclusive one off interview with your founder - the choice is yours!

Creator takeovers

Similarly, an effective way to mix up your IGTV channel is to get content creators to do account takeovers. Whether they will offer to do haul or product guide on your channel, it is likely to boost your IGTV views and reach, whilst also providing fresh and engaging content for your audience.

Another bonus? Working with creators who understand IGTV and are already creating industry leading content is a great way to test the success of this format for your brand, before diving in and creating your own videos.

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