Game On: How The Gaming Industry Will Win In 2021

Megan Horsnell
Jan 28, 2021

Online gaming has seen a sudden surge in popularity; with many countries around the world in national lockdowns, people have turned to gaming to fill their time and connect with their friends in a different way. And with many new gamers on board, the gaming industry is expected to increase in popularity even more in 2021 and beyond.

We’re taking a look at the trends that experts anticipate will take the industry forward, to understand how the gaming industry will win in 2021.

Gaming Content Creators Will Share Tips And Hacks

Gaming creators have always been popular, thanks to their entertaining and helpful gaming videos. Not only do people follow these gamers for their tips and tricks to improve their play, they also follow these types of creators as they serve as an entertainment outlet - watching someone nail their gameplay and win is very exciting and engaging. However, 2021 will see their reach and engagement soar, and this will move gaming away from being a niche hobby and firmly into the mainstream.

Brands Will Increase Marketing Spend In The Gaming Sector

2021 will see more marketing budgets being allocated to the gaming sector. This means that brands will collaborate more frequently with gaming companies, and find innovative and exciting ways to make the most of a new audience.

The gaming sector has boomed, and investors and brands alike are taking notice. Since the beginning of the global pandemic, gaming usage has been up by 45% in the US, and 29% in the UK, and brands are ready to take advantage of this huge opportunity.

‘Free To Play’ Games Will Attract Gaming Newbies

As gaming continues to become more and more popular, many gaming companies are predicting that ‘free to play’ games will be the key to broadening their audience and capturing new users. Although these games are free to download, revenue is earned with add-ons, but the initial enticement of free gaming will encourage new gamers and increase the reach of the industry overall.

In-Game Advertising In Free Gaming

As free gaming rises, brands will see the opportunity to add ads to these ‘free to play’ games. These ads will be displayed at regular intervals, when users either jump up a level or start up the game, and most gamers are comfortable with these kinds of ads, as they know that it is a fair trade off for a free gaming experience.

The rise of ads in free gaming offers brands another huge opportunity to take advantage of this increasingly popular sector.

Photorealistic Graphics

As it stands, game graphics are extraordinary, however in 2021 they are set to improve even further. Hyper-immersive gameplay that involves photorealistic graphics and virtual reality are expected to begin rolling out in 2021. This will change the face of gaming and make the whole experience a lot more immersive, and thanks to this, people will invest even more time into this format.

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