The benefits of using a proprietary platform for influencer marketing campaigns

Tom Cooper-Smith
Tom Cooper-Smith
July 14, 2021
The benefits of using an influencer marketing platform are huge. As marketing professionals fight to prove the ROI of their marketing...

The benefits of using an influencer marketing platform are huge. As marketing professionals fight to prove the ROI of their marketing campaigns, having the intelligence of a proprietary platform is invaluable.

Carrying out an influencer marketing campaign in-house can be very challenging. Teams are dealing with influencer selection and management, overseeing contracts, monitoring campaigns, reporting and much more. Often all of these responsibilities fall on to one ‘campaign manager’ or ‘creator partnership executive’, and brands find it difficult for one person to run a successful influencer marketing campaign.

This is where we come in. At Influencer, our proprietary platform can offer incredible support to clients looking to succeed on social. Below, we hope to show you that, whether you opt for a complete management package or just want a tech platform to offer important insights, a proprietary platform is a key tool for your next influencer marketing campaign.

What does a proprietary platform include?

Our proprietary platform helps brands make intelligent, informed decisions by enabling them to:

Find authentic content creators: Finding the most authentic creators who are well aligned to your audience is essential. As a brand, sourcing these creators can be very challenging and time-consuming, yet a proprietary platform can make this much easier.

Verify chosen creators: When finding a creator via a proprietary platform, you can be sure that they have been fully vetted from head to toe. Our creator approval process is based on client key success metrics, as well as creators’ historic campaign performance and previous content. This ensures that our clients work with creators who don’t have a track record of providing fraudulent or manipulated data. As a result, brands are able to fully understand the creators they are working with and can form those all-important long-term partnerships.

Ensure brand safety: Our proprietary platform also has an in-depth content approval process that ensures the maximum in brand safety. Content goes through a rigorous, multiple-step vetting process, with final sign-off from key stakeholders. This protects brand reputation and minimizes the risk of errors, and this is a huge benefit of using this type of technology.

Keep costs effective: It’s no secret that influencer marketing can be an expensive endeavor. If campaigns are not well thought out and executed, brands can find that they’re losing money and damaging their reputation. Skills such as sourcing creators, negotiating contracts and learning how the influencer marketing world works can take years to master, and without the intelligence of a technology to support decisions, it can be easy to make mistakes. These mistakes can be costly, and choosing the wrong content creators who create generic, thoughtless campaigns can have very negative results. A proprietary platform helps to minimize risks to a brand’s finances.

Gain key insights: Our proprietary platform also offers a 360° understanding of the content that is being produced, while also showing how each creator is performing in real-time. With insights like reach, video views, engagement and impact rate, brands can prove campaign value and better understand their marketing efforts.

Measure success: Brands gain a more complete picture of their campaign, and are able to prove ROI, when using this type of technology. With the ability to measure success in real-time, brands are also able to pivot their campaign and make strategic decisions when it really counts.

Influencer’s leading influencer marketing technology

Our latest proprietary technology Waves offers brands and agencies full end-to-end data transparency around their influencer marketing campaigns, achieved through real-time campaign data and insights, dynamic creator tracking, approval functionality and proof of success.

We have expanded our award-winning technology to solve issues understood through extensive workshops with key brand and agency partners, all to also ensure the smooth running of future influencer marketing campaigns.

If you want to improve the success of your upcoming influencer marketing campaign by using a proprietary platform, get in touch with the team.

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The benefits of using a proprietary platform for influencer marketing campaigns

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