YouTuber and Influencer co-founder Caspar Lee Launches #LookingForward campaign alongside The Prince’s Trust

Hester Bates
May 13, 2020

YouTuber and Influencer co-founder and CVO Caspar Lee has launched the #LookingForward campaign on social media, alongside psychotherapist and best-selling author Owen O'Kane and The Prince’s Trust, the UK-based charity founded by Charles, Prince of Wales to help vulnerable young people get their lives on track.

Lee launched the campaign to his 2.7 million Instagram followers via IGTV. The campaign encourages people to upload a video or photo saying what they are most looking forward to post-lockdown, using the hashtag #LookingForward and tagging 5 friends to encourage them to do the same. Donations are also encouraged, with Lee aiming to raise £10,000 to help 1,000 young people get the critical wellbeing support they need. The campaign is based on research, which shows that hope can change people’s brain chemistry, helping them to feel happier.

In the launch video, Lee is joined by celebrities including Russell Brand, Gregg Wallace, David Hasselhoff and Matt Lucas; YouTubers including KIS, Joe Sugg and the Dolan Twins; as well as a number of frontline workers and Prince’s Trust Ambassadors, all of whom reveal what they are most looking forward to once the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Lee said: “More than 80% of young people with a history of mental ill-health have found their conditions have worsened since the coronavirus crisis began.
 During a crisis, the most vulnerable in society suffer even more. I am hoping to raise £10,000, which would help 1,000 young people to get the support they need at this time.”

Influencer CEO Ben Jeffries said: “The Influencer team is incredibly proud of Caspar and the way he continues to use his influence for good. Personally, I am most #LookingFoward to seeing my friends, family and all the Influencer team once the lockdown ends!”

The Influencer team has also been sharing their hopes and what they are #LookingFoward to once the restrictions are lifted, with many saying they are most excited about seeing their friends and families and getting back to work in the Influencer office.

This isn’t the first time Lee has used his influence for good since the coronavirus outbreak began. Caspar also took part in the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Safe Hands Challenge, which encouraged creators to amplify the message around thorough hand washing globally across social platforms.

Donations can be made at or head to Caspar’s Instagram account, @caspar_lee, to watch the full video and find out more.