A Best Practice Guide For Using Branded Content On Instagram And Facebook

Megan Horsnell
Sep 18, 2020

Branded content is an art form; creators make and share content for brands that inspire audiences. And as partnerships are going beyond one-off promotions into IP collaborations and long-term programmes, branded content has become a critical component of brands’ media mix. 

Want to make sure you get the best out of your branded content? Follow these creative principles to make sure they hit the right spot.

Authenticity Is The Aim Of The Game

It is super important to choose a partner who believes in your brand, and has high perceived reliability and credibility in the industry your brand falls under. Don’t believe us? 86% of people who perceive a creator as credible show intent to take a position brand action, and 46% of consumers who rated the creator as relatable were 46% more likely to say they would take a positive brand action. This proves that authenticity, credibility and reliability really do drive fantastic outcomes for your brand.

Transparency Is Key

Don’t try to hide the purpose of using branded content, as people prefer when branded content demonstrates clear commercial intent. To be specific, 75% of consumers reported intend to take a positive brand action when they see clear commercial intent. 

Familiarity Is Not Essential

Think a familiar face always wins? You’re wrong. Branded content is effective regardless of familiarity with the creator. To add, relatability wins over familiarity, as 91% of those unfamiliar with the creator reported intent to take a positive brand action as long as the creator was perceived as relatable. This emphasises the power of micro creators; although they may not be recognised by huge audiences, they can relate with audiences in a super authentic and personable way. So please, whatever you do, don’t stress over not using the hottest creator on the block. 

Better Together

Two is better than one - Combining brand ads and branded content in one holistic campaign drives purchase intent at 82% lower cost per person for CPG advertisers.

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