A Best Practice Guide On 8 Editing Tools That Make Creating Brilliant TikTok Videos Easy

Megan Horsnell
Sep 29, 2020

Want to know how to make your content stand out from the crowd? Of course you do!

Whether you’re just beginning your TikTok journey or bringing an organic strategy to life, we’ve listed 8 editing tools that will make creating awesome TikTok videos, second nature.

Music Is Where The Heart Is 

Music is a major part of the TikTok experience, and adding a track to your video is a simple and easy way to increase engagement. To find the right track for you, tap ‘Sounds’ at the top of your screen. This will open the TikTok Sounds Library where you can choose from thousands of up-and-coming tracks categorised by popularity, challenge and theme.

If you’re one of the chosen ones, meaning your account has been identified as a promotional or official brand account, you’ll be able to use tracks from TikTok’s Commercial Music Library. This is a pool of more than 7,000 pre-cleared, royalty-free tracks sourced from emerging artists and top-tier music houses. Aren’t you lucky!

Switch It Up!

Capturing a variety of perspectives or backgrounds can make your video much more interesting. Want to know how? Use the ‘Flip’ button on the top right hand side of your screen to quickly switch between your device’s front and back cameras. You can also do this by double-tapping your screen.

Speed It Up!

Thought that was simple? Adjusting the pace of your video is a fun way to make it feel more dramatic or playful. You can speed up or slow down your video using the speed buttons at the bottom of your screen. Choose 0.3x or 0.5x for a slow motion effect, or try 2x or 3x to fast forward.

Filter Perfect

Everyone must be pretty familiar with filters, and applying one to your TikTok can really change the aesthetic of your video. To find an array of filters, just tap the ‘Filter’ button on the right hand side of your screen and you’ll find four main filter categories: 'Portrait', 'Landscape', 'Food' and 'Vibe'. 

It doesn’t stop there. You can also find a ‘Beauty’ button on the right hand side of your screen, and this applies a filter that makes skin appear more smooth. On a bad day, TikTok really is your virtual fairy godmother.

Hey Look - No Hands!

Always wanted to go hands-free? Well TikTok allows you to do this with the easy Timer tool. Simply, press the ‘Timer’ button for either ‘3s’ and ‘10s’, then drag the bar at the bottom of the screen to choose the length of your recording. When you’re ready to begin, hit ‘Start countdown’, and you’ll be flying.

Get Creative With Effects

Want to take your video to the next level? By pressing the ‘Effects’ button on the bottom left hand side of your screen, you can change the background with Green Screen or duplicate people with Multiplier. Don’t think it stops there - you can find other cool effects in the effects library, where they are categorised into genres like ‘New’, ‘Trending’, ‘Special Effects’ and ‘Interactive’. Branded Effects are bespoke 2D, 3D and AR effects, so if you’re a brand looking to increase awareness and engagement on a global scale, make sure to check these out.

Text Savvy

Once you’ve finished your 100th take (we’re all guilty), you can tap the pink tick at the bottom right hand side of your screen to find the editing tools. You can tap the ‘Text’ button, and type whatever message, quote or joke you like, in any font style or colour you wish. To set the point at which the text appears in your video, hold down on the text you’ve created and press ‘Set Duration’, and drag the bar to choose when the text will appear and disappear.

Use Your Voice 

Now, don’t be shy - speak up! If you want to add narration to your video and add another layer to your storytelling, tap the ‘Voiceover’ button on your right hand side of the second editing screen. Then, simply drag the bar to choose the point in your video that you would like to voice over, then press ‘Record’ - et voila!

So now you’re fully equipped to make TikToks that will pack a punch, go grab your phone and your friends, and get creative!