A Best Practice Guide For Advertising On Snapchat

Megan Horsnell
Sep 25, 2020

Want to create super engaging ads that drive new users to your brand? Well, Snapchat is your guy!

Mobile advertising is a crucial part of any brands' digital marketing strategy, especially when reaching millennials and Gen Z. These two generations use this app to connect with friends, have fun with the camera, discover content and purchase products, and because of this, Snapchat provides brands with some of the most interactive and engaging ad opportunities out there. The Snap Ads and Story Ads are full-screen, immersive canvases that allow brands to showcase their offering in an organic and mobile-native way, and encourage users to seamlessly swipe up to visit a brand's website or app directly. Every brand's dream, right? 

So, if you want to build visually appealing ads, which drive quality engagement and high return on investment to Snapchat’s 210 million Daily Active Users, look no further! Find our best practice guidelines for advertising on Snapchat below.

Show What Your Mumma Gave Ya’

Take centre stage; use full screen images and feature your products front and centre to drive purchase intent. This will inspire, educate and move viewers to engage with your brand, all in one go. But don’t just create one still image, get creative with video and audio to really show off your brand offering.

Make Your Ads Feel Native

Your brand doesn’t want to feel like a stranger on this platform, so make sure you mirror the bite-sized and linear storytelling of Snaps, and keep your ad to around 5-6 seconds. It has been found that ads featuring Snapchat inspired features typically get viewed in full, compared to more polished ads. Simply put, get fully immersed in the Snapchat experience, to ensure your ads do the same. 

Be Crystal Clear

Your ad messaging should be clear from the get go; any relevant messaging should be displayed within the first 2 seconds in order to drive sales, app installs or app visits. Gen Z, the demographic that saturates this platform, wants quick and easily digestible content, so keep your long-form content for YouTube.

Encourage Action

Get users to listen up and take action! If your objective is to drive sales, make sure to deep link (a way to re-engage existing users to your product) the exact product page you are promoting. And for goodness sake don’t forget swipe ups! Snap Ads that have swipe ups as the call to action have the strongest conversion rates.

Equipped with these tips, every brand, big or small, will be able to successfully deliver Snapchat ads in a super effective and impactful way!