Brands Can Win Gold: Tap Into Influencer Marketing For The 2024 Olympics

Laura Martinez
Laura Martinez
May 30, 2024

In just over a month, all eyes will be on Paris – an estimated four billion¹ to be exact- with the 2024 Summer Olympics kicking off at the end of June. This year will be unlike any other featuring the first-ever opening ceremony in a city centre, with global megastars providing on-site coverage, and of course, a flood of real-time social media updates and interactions, bringing the excitement to screens around the world. 

During the Summer 2020 Olympics, 64% of the games were consumed via social media platforms and online². The 2024 Olympics are expected to surpass this metric, making them the most digital games ever. And of course, in these four years, the social media platforms and the way we consume content has greatly changed. Social media is no longer just a highlight reel of life’s personal, polished moments. Today, individuals blast out their “hot take” opinions, showcase real-time reactions, and host interactive discussions with larger fandom communities. As such, this has impacted viewership of events – according to Google, 54% of people would rather watch a creator break down a major event than watch the event itself³. This highlights the growing influence creators have on engagement and public interest. Influencer anticipates that coverage of the Olympics on social media platforms will actually outpace the on-air coverage, and be more impactful through influencers bringing audiences in even closer to the action. 

Brands still have time to get in on the action of the Olympics, particularly through the strategic use of influencers. Leveraging influencer marketing is a powerful way to join conversations happening online as they unfold, and do so at the speed of culture. By partnering with creators with dedicated followings and distinct personalities, brands can create authentic connections while riding the wave of Olympic enthusiasm.

How Brands Can Win With 2024 Olympics 

  1. Being Part of the Dream - Interweaving the brand into aspirational content, encouraging viewers to similarly follow their dreams the way the Olympic athletes followed theirs. Position the brand as something that can assist them while they pursue, whether through offering them time savings to focus on greater passions, helping them be the best version of themselves, or providing opportunities for personal growth and achievement. 
  1. Reaction Videos - Partnering with creators who are well-known for social or sports commentary to recap or react to moments that occurred during or surrounding the Olympics, weaving the brand into the messaging as a sponsor of the video or part of a larger storyline. 
  1. Skit or Spoof Videos - Tap creators who excel at humorous content to quickly recreate iconic moments that happened at the Olympics, bringing your brand into the moment. This works especially well if a brand’s product can be conveyed as “saving the day” or being the hero of a moment. 
  1. Pride of Purchasing - Use creators for storytelling and explain how a brand upholds and champions the under-represented or supports a specific cause, sharing that they take pride in purchasing from the brand because of this. Creators can emphasize that there’s room for everyone to be spotlighted, and in this case, they all get to take home the Gold. 

Creators can provide behind-the-scenes access, real-time commentary, and personalized content that resonates more with their followers than traditional viewing. By capitalizing on these unique opportunities with influencer marketing, brands can amplify messages, and foster genuine connections to achieve their marketing goals during this global event. Our team at Influencer is ready on deck to help brands navigate the creator landscape. 

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Brands Can Win Gold: Tap Into Influencer Marketing For The 2024 Olympics

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