Influencer's Public Diversity And Inclusion Pledge

Carly Ash
Carly Ash
August 11, 2021
At Influencer we are working on better supporting our affinity networks (LGBTQ+, BAME, Women, Disability, Neurodiversity, Socio-Economic...

At Influencer we are working on better supporting our affinity networks (LGBTQ+, BAME, Women, Disability, Neurodiversity, Socio-Economic Backgrounds, Mental Health) . We see this in the way we work every day. Inclusion is everyone's responsibility and being an ally is an important way of using each other's voices to support diversity in an organisation. 

Our vision is for Influencer to be an inclusive workplace where all employees can thrive and have a rewarding career. The diversity of our employees should reflect the communities we serve, and we must provide inclusive and accessible services for our creators and build inclusive relationships with our brands.

We’re holding ourselves accountable by monitoring our workforce stats, alongside our creator pool stats with our board. This will ensure we hold ourselves accountable to our goals, understand how we’re doing and make changes where we need to. 

We have put together a committee of people, led by our Head of Heart, who work in our offices who help us focus and champion Diversity and Inclusion at Influencer. 

We appreciate we need to be consistently improving, so this is a work in progress. We will educate ourselves to do better, and in turn, be better as a company.


Creating meaningful change starts within our own company. We are having to start inward and look at building an inclusive culture that attracts diversity. We’ve had to think about whether culture can retain all great talent, whether they happen to be underrepresented or not. 

  • Working to create a stronger sense of inclusion and belonging to those at Influencer 
  • Ensure our recruitment process is fair, diverse and inclusive
  • Embed inclusive behaviours and values into our culture
  • Everyone in leadership role has to undergo privilege awareness training 
  • Offer internal bias training as part of standard onboarding for all new stuff and provide sessions for existing staff too 
  • Support line managers to embed inclusive behaviours
  • Promote work life balance and wellbeing
  • Provide inclusive services for our clients
  • Inclusive and accessible design
  • Implement Inclusive policies, procurement and practices
  • Guaranteeing every campaign we run provides our clients with a diverse selection of creators to choose from, thanks to our criteria that includes both the creator’s demographic and that of their audience.

For our business, it’s important that diversity and inclusion is embedded in everything we do. We’re starting to do some good things already, but we have progress to make. Because when people bring their whole self to work, they perform at their best.  

We’re very open to feedback and are keen to always hear ways that we can improve. If you want to chat with us, please do email on

We are committed to making a difference. 

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Influencer's Public Diversity And Inclusion Pledge

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