Influencer Marketing From Home: Content Creators Who Are Leading The Way

Megan Horsnell
Megan Horsnell
April 4, 2019
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In uncertain times like these, society relies on social media as a source of relief, an entertainment outlet, and an escapism tool. Particularly, audiences are welcoming any type of distraction that adds value to their lives in times of isolation, and content creators are perfectly placed to offer this type of respite.
Because of this, content creators will be able to prove their worth during this crisis; their community-driven purpose will allow them to continue to give people a reason to smile. To highlight this, we have pulled together a handful of creators across key verticals, who are continuing to serve as fantastic content creators, trusted figures and friends to many, during this time of social and physical isolation.


Denis is a fashion and lifestyle content creator, who has previously worked with Superdry, Klarna UK and Accessorize, to name a few. She has a highly engaged community, who view her as a trusted style icon. Since our landscape has changed considerably over the past weeks, Denis has been committed to continuing to do what she does best: showcase her most fashionable outfits. This is somewhat a comfort for many, as she has continued to present her norm, whilst we navigate through totally abnormal times. In her most recent brand collaboration with ASOS X Klarna, she has encouraged her community to continue dressing their best. Dressing up helps the mind work to its regular routine; who knew that simply putting on jeans rather than PJs had so much power! With Denis’ help, why don’t you give it a try?


Chessie King is a lifestyle content creator who focuses on body positivity and mental wellbeing. Whether you find her dancing in an inflatable costume, or doing a headstand in her underwear, her positivity and contagious spirit is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Previously collaborating with Pandora, Spotify and Soap and Glory, Chessie produces unique content that aims to break up our ‘perfect’ feeds. In reaction to the current situation, Chessie has recently collaborated with Amazon Prime Video to show how you can still link up with your friends in times of physical isolation. In true Chessie style, she added a touch of paint and presented her winning smile, and showed just how easy it can be for people to keep in touch with their pals, in super innovative ways. In times like these, creators like Chessie are so valuable, and social communities will really benefit from her continued positivity and awesome content creation.


Stacey Dyer is an interior content creator, who offers design and lifestyle tips and tricks, and has since become a trusted voice within the interior sector. In times where most of us are confined to our homes, Stacey has taken to her Instagram to encourage her community to get stuck into interior projects. Collaborating with F! Retail Company, Stacey has shown the best ways to refresh and update spaces in the home. As well as this, Stacey has created an innovative hashtag, #diyisolationcreation, in order to inspire many to appreciate their homes and make the most of the space they have. This is another great example that proves how content creators put their community at the heart of what they do; Stacey has recognised what her community like, and what they need during this time, and has delivered it in the perfect way. Stacey, we salute you!


What better time to dust off our aprons and get experimental in the kitchen, right? The Little London Vegan is an awesome food content creator who showcases her favourite homemade recipes and snack bites that her community can try at home. As well as this, she is encouraging her foodie-lovers to support their local food businesses, by buying local produce, instead of buying from major supermarkets. Her most recent collaborative post features goodies from several small businesses, Bonsan Vegan, Kinda. Co and Sabra, where she recognises the power in local produce. It is so important to support one another in times like this, and this is exactly what TLLV is doing; she is recognising the struggles of small businesses in the current climate and is consequently driving a strong message of social good to her community. So, why don’t you follow in her footsteps, and learn how you can help your local food businesses now!


Olivia Frost is a seriously cool fashion and lifestyle content creator. Olivia has previously worked with Primark, Nasty Gal and Urban Outfitters and, through this, has built a strong and highly engaged fashion-obsessed community. In her most recent collaboration with Superdry, Olivia has displayed her best casual gear, an outfit that is perfect for all working from home occasions! She, like many other fashion creators, is keeping her community’s spirits alive, through their collective love for fashion, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of this continued norm. In the words of Olivia herself, ‘Staying at home means dressing up just to go and pose on my doorstep’, and we’re right behind you girl!


Steph Wood is a content creator who is a fitness fanatic! Her awesome workouts, shown on her Instagram and popular YouTube channel, inspire her community to get movin’ and groovin’, even during times like these. Adapting to the current climate, Steph has continued providing her community with high energy workouts, but ones that can be completed indoors. Her most recent collaboration with Price Runner provides her community with a trusted platform to buy home workout equipment and ways in which they can best be used. This is a fantastic example of content creators continuing with their trade, and using their voice to reassure and educate their community, during times of great uncertainty. As well as this, she has created a #StaySassy challenge, which encourages her community to get involved with a different type of exercise: dance. This is a super feel-good activity, so dust off your dancing shoes and give it a try for yourself!
As this situation continues to develop, it is vital that content creators continue doing what they do best: creating content for their loved communities. Having familiar faces to interact with daily, will serve as an important respite for many people worldwide, and it is important that they continue through the storm.
If you want your Instagram feed to offer as a place free from the terrifying stats of global news, make sure to give these content creators a follow: you won't regret it!

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