The Ins and Outs of Influencer Marketing with Hester Bates

Megan Horsnell
Feb 26, 2021

Influencer's Brand & Communications Director Hester Bates joined the Girls in Marketing (GIM) Podcast in their latest episode: “The Ins and Outs of Influencer Marketing”.

With Influencer’s established reputation and presence within the influencer marketing space, coupled with Hester’s fantastic experience and expertise, GIM wanted to discuss the role of content creators in modern business and marketing strategies, as well as what it is like working in the influencer marketing space.

GIM is an online platform aiming to help females in the digital marketing industry to improve their skills, grow confidence, and network within the marketing world through group support (blogs and social media groups), resources (guides, courses and webinars) and events (both online and offline). Influencer is a global leader in the influencer marketing space, which enables brands to be seen at scale across digital platforms; driving growth and guaranteeing success. Bringing these two platforms together made for an extremely fruitful discussion.

Kick-starting the podcast, Hester speaks about her role within the company and what a day in the life looks like, moving on to explain more about Influencer and their offering. The GIM team wanted to learn exactly what influencer marketing is and what marketers, in particular, should consider when running an influencer campaign. In response to this, Hester mentioned Influencer’s report, The Age Of Influence: How COIVD-19 Has Propelled Brands Into The Era Of Influencer Marketing. Hester quoted that, “72% of consumers are spending more time on social media”, and therefore encouraged marketers to tap into this huge opportunity. Hester also discussed Influencer’s newest report Unsocial Media: Embracing Unsocial Metrics - The New Way To Win At Influencer Marketing, and highlighted that marketers should no longer direct their attention to vanity metrics, but instead deeper social metrics, like saves and shares, when coming to measure the success of influencer marketing campaigns. The GIM team then wanted to learn about how Hester broke into such an exciting industry, and see whether she could offer any advice to listeners who might want to land a similar role to hers.

To listen to the full podcast, and learn more about Girls In Marketing, Influencer,com and Hester’s role as Brand and Communications Director, click on the link below.