Earth Day 2023: Influencer's Green Commitments

Carly Ash
Apr 21, 2023

The changing climate is something that increasingly affects all countries and, subsequently, all industries and businesses. The annual COP summits have called attention to and encouraged a greater appetite for change from governments, yet the role of organisations in being responsible for their own commitments to a greener future is crucial to substantial and lasting change. 

Last month, Unilever released a report that outlined influencer marketing as more effective than documentaries and government reports at changing consumer behaviour to be more environmentally sustainable. It found three in four people are more likely to adopt behaviours to save the planet after watching social media content about sustainability. This report shows there is clearly scope within the industry to make an impact, and we want to be at the forefront of this positive change.

Influencer is set on driving influence with purpose, using our platform as a force for good and influencing consumers to make better decisions. This Earth Day, we’re reflecting on our own commitments, as well as on this year’s theme, ‘investing in our planet’. To us, this starts with investing in our people and in our spaces. 

Our existing commitments to sustainability begin with our office space and our people initiatives. Our office is powered by renewable energy sources, ensuring Influencer’s carbon footprint is minimal. On-boarding at Influencer is a paperless process, encouraging more sustainable resources and our cycle to work scheme encourages employees to move away from carbon-based transportation options. 

We understand that action isn’t sustainable if it doesn’t become a habit, which is why at Influencer we’re embarking on our journey to become a B-Corp certified business. We’re proud to be leading the way towards a greener and more sustainable Tech/Creative Influencer Marketing space. 

As part of achieving B-Corp certification, we will be committing to a more ethical and sustainable working environment and culture. Empowering our people with policies that support them, including mental health days and inclusive sick leave, as well as our people and culture council that forges a pathway between leadership and the team. Our regular Sparks workshops act as a voice-piece for employees within the business, encouraging the changes and initiative that we make to constantly grow with the company. 

We all have a part in doing our bit, and we’re excited to work with more and more B-corp brands as the traction for more ethical business grows.