A Best Practice Guide On How To Create An Effective Branded Hashtag Challenge On TikTok

Megan Horsnell
Sep 24, 2020

A Branded Hashtag Challenge turns TikTok users into your unofficial brand ambassadors; share a video using a sponsored hashtag and voila, it’s all over to TikTok for all users to see. If your campaign is looking to see engagement soar through the roof, or simply build brand affinity, this is the perfect format for you. This unique co-creation opportunity can generate hundreds of thousands of UGC videos and millions of views around your campaign initiatives. 

Want to learn how to deliver and achieve the most effective results through this format? Check out our best practice guidelines on how to create the hottest Branded Hashtag Challenge on TikTok.

Keep It Real

Authenticity is important within the influencer marketing space, but the TikTok community responds particularly well to a brand’s presence when it is done in a natural way. If it feels forced, you’re playing a losing game. So, ensure your idea remains in line with your brand, product and keep true to the relationship you already have with the TikTok community. 

Join Trends And Be Part Of A Culture

On TikTok, trends can quite literally be found at a touch of a button. Therefore, to ensure your campaign and challenge concept is perfectly on trend, look at what the users are already creating, and identify which emerging and popular trends align with your brand. After all, cultural impact leads to business impact.

Get Creative With Sound Waves

The power of sound is undeniable on this platform. So, when using TikTok, you must ask yourself - what does your brand sound like? High tempo and full of energy? Or mellow and calm? Whatever your sound waves, make sure to turn it up! This will help your audience become fully immersed and engaged, and in turn, give users a sonic outline to create against. 

Simple, Yet Effective

You already know the phrase. If your idea is super accessible and relatable from the get go, the more likely users are to get involved. Ask yourself, can people do it at home without purchasing anything or going to a location? Is it clear how to take part in this challenge? Then, users will engage and imitate your challenge and send it viral. You can thank us, and them, later. 

Friendly Faces

Do you have celebrities or famous faces associated with your brand? Well, get em’ up here! Animating them using the Branded Effect or Duet feature brings instant recognition and adds a TikTok flavour. If you don’t, no stress - TikTok Creators have you covered. You can co-create with these Creators, as they’ll set the tone for your challenge and inspire other popular creators to add their own entries. A friendly face goes a long way, trust us!

And Of Course, Make It Fun

On this platform, fun is second nature. As TikTok is all about bringing joy and inspiring creativity, your challenge should do the same. Whether it’s through humour, explosive visual effects or awesome filters, a fun filled challenge will ensure your campaign message is amplified and heard by the dozens. 

So, what are you waiting for… go get your TikTok on!