Xbox Game Pass


Influencer and Xbox partnered with a selection 5 diverse PC gamers from both top tier and macro levels with highly engaged audiences in the US and UK to raise awareness and drive conversion of the new Friend Referral feature. The campaign focused specifically on PC gamers, rather than gamers in general, which required in depth sourcing and vetting processes but was driven through with the hope that the campaign outcome would resonate better with the more targeted audience. Because of this, the content created was authentic to each creator and their audience which led to a high level of diversity in creative that could then be pushed out in paid format. This campaign was executed in under 10 business days from kick-off to execution which required seamless communication and strict timelines. The campaign's performance metrics underscore the remarkable level of engagement it achieved, with over 34 million views across five pieces of content. An impressive 5.8 average watch time and a 25% 6-second view rate highlight the campaign's effectiveness in captivating the audience. This success demonstrates the importance of using authentic and relevant content, as well as integrating the brand through elements such as logos, text overlays, or audio to maintain audience attention. Through the success of this campaign Xbox has already renewed with us for future campaigns.

34 million
3 million
5.8 seconds
Average watch time
6-second view rate
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