Driving adventure post lockdown

The AA

We were tasked with raising awareness of the AA’s most recent campaign, which encouraged people to “Get. That. Feeling” of being back on the road driving again after lockdown. Working with two UK based creators on TikTok, we re-created the enjoyment of driving and reminded audiences of the unbridled joy of adventure. While the agreed deliverables were 2 TikToks, the creators went above and beyond, producing campaign content that went live across not just TikTok, but Instagram and Facebook too, securing the brand an additional 4 pieces of content. Because of this, we increased our audience target by an impressive 218%, taking us to an audience size of 1 million! The TikTok videos alone generated an impressive impact rate of 30.5%, when the industry average is 25%. A TikTok success? You bet!

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