Influencer partnered with the Saudi Tourism Authority to showcase the country being a top holiday destination for travellers post covid, where a lot of countries saw a drop in travel after the pandemic. In the space of two weeks from brief, the first group of creators travelled to the country for a 5 day trip to see the wonder Saudi has to offer and to explore a country that hasn’t been visited by many tourists. Since 2019, we partnered with Visit Saudi to showcase the country as a top holiday destination, most recently for post-covid holidaymakers. In the space of just two weeks, we had recruited over 30 content creators for a 5 day tour of Saudi, offering them the opportunity to explore parts of the country that many tourists had not yet had the chance to see. Across 2022 to 2023, we took over 300 content creators to Saudi on 26 individual trips, delivering more than 8x more content - and over 100 million more impressions - than forecast across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. We also supported 12 unique in-country events, including the Saudi Cup, the Middle Beast music festival, the F1, Formula E, and Riyadh Seasons. The result of the campaign was significant, with a GWI report showing that 60% of the audience who viewed our campaign content would now consider booking a holiday to Saudi, when they hadn’t done before.

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