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The goal of this campaign was to drive awareness and engagement to promote 16 unique flavours of Ocean Spray’s cranberry juice blends and create compelling content that exudes joy and harnesses the transformative power of feeling good The content created was humorous and engaging spanning across both organic and paid efforts. Consistent messaging was used through the call to action“What’s your Power Flavor” supported with natural product placement, but creativity freedom was encouraged and achieved, allowing the creators to keep true to their unique personalities and authenticity. This campaign surpassed not only the KPIs originally set but industry standards themselves with these 3 pieces of content achieving huge engagement rate of 6% and view rate of 10 seconds. The reason for this success comes down to strategic creator selection. They were chosen as they possessed a captivating and bold personality, were unapologetically themselves, and lived life in an uplifting way that resonated with the essence of the Ocean Spray brand. Each creator pulled their audience in and encouraged them to share their power flavour and, to their success, the comment sections were filled almost exclusively with their audience’s favourite Ocean Spray flavours.

2.5 million
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