Amazon Prime Day campaign


We partnered with a diverse range of beauty and lifestyle creators to drive awareness and drive product conversion for KISS Products around Amazon Prime Day by positioning KISS as the go-to brand for artificial nails and lashes. Creators were selected not only due to their beauty industry content experience but also established as KISS aficionadas, driving authentic and relatable content that their highly engaged audiences would positively react too. The results of this campaign show the true impact of selecting creators to deliver authentic and highly engaging content through an understanding of their audience and the brand’s mission. Through 5 pieces of content this campaign reached an audience of 5 million which was 81% above campaign target. The content itself drove 1.74M organic views and of those views 26% achieved a 6sec view rate. Engagement overall was extremely high at 10% which was 44% above target and this was all strategically planned, executed and set live within 12 business days from receiving the brief.

5 million
1.74 million
Organic views
Engagement rate
6 second view rate
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