Welcome back to the new school year

Northern Rail

As students and workers began returning to their daily commute, Northern Rail began to welcome more passengers onto their services, particularly those aged 11-18 who use the services to travel to school. We were tasked with creating entertaining and educational content that would capture their attention, whilst raising awareness of wearing a face covering on public transport. We challenged three TikTok creators to come up with fun and engaging content, with each creator wearing a face covering to create their content. The creators to achieve an incredible overall unique audience of over 733,000 which was a huge 233% increase on our target. The content also achieved over 198,000 views, resulting in a 27% view rate, a key metric for a brand awareness campaign. We also achieved over 32,000 engagements, resulting in a 4.4% engagement rate, exceeding the industry benchmark of 2.5%.

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