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YouTube has 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors and with 694,000 hours of video content being streamed on the platform every minute, YouTube ads have the potential to reach 2.56 billion users. Through producing niche content, creators on YouTube have built large and engaged audiences that target specific niches that looks to them for recommendations.

Research conducted by Influencer found that YouTube was the top platform used by all generations to follow creators both before and after the pandemic.
Why we’re thrilled to become
a YouTube Integration Partner
Waves, Influencer’s proprietary influencer marketing platform, is integrated with YouTube to give our clients access to real-time data across their campaigns, allowing them to make smarter decisions.
Influencer’s YouTube partner integration allows clients to:
Run multi-platform campaigns which YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. 
Receive real-time data on their YouTube or multi-platform campaign, presented cumulatively or broken down by platform. 
Have full data transparency and a clear understanding of the ROI of their YouTube campaigns.
Gain a clear understanding of YouTube creators’ insights to ensure top quality content and brand safety.

Influencer’s co-founder, Caspar LEe, stated:

“YouTube brand integrations are vital to the creator economy and I'm delighted that brands will now be able to collaborate more effectively with YouTubers through Waves. As someone who started making YouTube videos myself in 2010, I’ve experienced first hand the evolution of the platform and the technologies that have helped it to improve. I’m very proud that we at Influencer continue to contribute smart solutions within the influencer marketing space.”
Caspar lee
chief visionary officer & co-founder
Case studies
For YouTube
The Fiverr Challenge
Freelance platform Fiverr wanted to showcase the amazing brief responses that their platform can generate. To demonstrate this, we asked YouTube creators, with a particular expertise or interest, to take part in the viral ‘Fiverr Challenge’ trend. Each creator selected 5 Fiverr freelancers and asked them to produce a piece of work all from the same brief. Their content focused on a range of different freelancers with different budgets, highlighting the different brief responses they received. Within their content, they compared the work produced in a comical and entertaining fashion, in order to display the variety of services on offer at Fiverr.
Content Pieces
Engagement Rate
View Rate
PrettyLittleThing reaches millions
Our brand ethos is to make waves of influence, so when PrettyLittleThing approached us with the ambition to deliver brand awareness at scale, we knew exactly how to deliver. The brand was well-versed in influencer marketing through Instagram, but wanted to reach new audiences on YouTube, while maintaining the high engagement rates their previous campaigns had achieved. We partnered with a global selection of creators in 5 different markets across Europe, Australasia, and North America to deliver 75 YouTube clothing haul videos. These integrated videos were supported by Instagram Stories and IGTV content, to achieve the target campaign engagement rate. The content produced equated to almost 24 hours worth of branded footage for the brand. As a result, we were able to reach 3.5 million people, all while maintaining an exceptionally high engagement rate of over 3%, making this one of PrettyLittleThing’s most successful influencer campaigns to date.
Driving Downloads With Playtika
We teamed up with Playtika to create awareness and deliver installs of their World Series Of Poker (WSOP) app. We worked with a variety of creators across multiple industries including professional poker players, magicians and lifestyle creators to produce high quality content across Instagram and YouTube. In total, we worked with 7 creators based across the US who encouraged their audiences to download and play WSOP. The YouTube creators posted unboxing content and hosted a competition to win a professional poker kit, whilst the Instagram creators challenged their followers to join them at their own table in the app to play a game together. In order to drive installs across the campaign, we amplified the campaign’s reach through paid media, which capitalised on the creator’s own audiences and delivered the frequency required to maximise installs.
Total content
An Epic Awareness Campaign for Pokerstars
The aim of the campaign was to promote PokerStars’ diverse range of products outside of poker and reinforce their credentials as a leading entertainment brand. We did this by partnering with macro-creators to drive awareness of the campaign message of “I’m In” through production of exciting content across Instagram and YouTube. Working within the markets of France and Germany, we found creators who we felt embodied the ethos of “I’m In” - fun-seeking, creative individuals who outwardly strive to live the best life they can and take their audience along for the ride. Simply put, we challenged our creators to show us what “I’m In” meant to them and asked them to encapsulate that ethos in their content so their audience could share in their journey with the brand.
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‘Influencer were great at responding to a tight and specific brief by finding us influencers who fit the bill and could create great content for our campaign, in no time. End to end, really slick and smooth process.’
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